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Saturday, June 24, 2006

I just came back from esplanade again... I find that today was a very enjoyable day indeed. Together with some of my classmates, we went down to esplanade to help out our year 3 seniors in their work. It mainly involves graffiti and street art painting on a "real" wall. Paint is supplied. See the [WDFU] logo was here...? hehe... i like it lots cos i designed the logo... however, i had hella of problems when scaling it bigger.... gotta get Ziyi to help me.... -.-"

Not only did i managed to try out painting graffiti on the wall... I also got to meet a number of professional graffiti artist to actually paint on the wall. Believe me, they are real good, except for a guy who painted bamboo trees and vampires(no relation with the style of the other artists)

There was also the all famous Killer Gerbil who also sprayed painted on one of my Gio. plain white t-shirt for free... hehe...

visit his url here... http://thekillergerbil.com/

Well... in conclusion, the whole project turned out to be really successful... Great exposure today =D