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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CROC Shoe design
[Twisted L.U.R.D]

The CROC shoe design competition aims to encourage designers to come up with designs out of the norm, nothing common is expected. They even made a warning! XD

The title of my CROC shoe design is "Twisted L.U.R.D"
L.U.R.D stands for left, up, right and down. The colour scheme chosen here uses a CMYK colour scheme, brings out a rather vibrant feel to it.
As for the arrows, they show the different directions and ways the CROC shoes could be twisted, this promotes the flexibility and versatility of CROC shoes.
In addition, the blue coloured arrows is illustrated in a way that it looks like a "camou"-liked design.

What I really feel is special for my CROC is that it brings out its strengths(flexible body) out as it is illustrated on my croc shoe...