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Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Chair Illustration
[Theme: Domination]

I did this chair over the past few weeks for my drawing studio assignment,
finally after 2 weeks I managed to complete it.
This chair is done using [ZIG] Painty markers =)

Here's my Concept report:
The concept of my chair is to illustrate domination through my character and other simple elements. My character takes on different roles as illustrated on the chair, some take on roles as angel, robot & ninja. Throughout my whole chair, there are different stories to be told, every section or part of the chair represents or are some what related to that of the theme domination.

One example is the battle between the robot and the ninja; this simply depicts a scene if warriors of different era were to battle it out. Another example is the angel that over looks everything that is going on below. As for the other parts of the chair that are filled up with stars and other elements, they just tell other stories.

Basically, the story that my whole chair is trying to tell viewers are unlimited, they are up to the viewers’ creative imagination.