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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[27 February 2007]

This illustration is kind of fun. I got inspired to do this when I happen to catch a "Masked Rider" TV commercial on KidsCentral. Haha... I find this kind of funny XD

This one is really random illustration. I was bored and decided to do something with more flow and texture to it. The only thing that I can say about this piece is that there is some kind of processing going on in the cloud. The ordinary path changed in its physical shape and texture. - Crapping :P

I did this illustration while watching Discovery Channel and listening to the song "Eternal Flame"(Rolesta's Handphone dialtone). I saw some millitary procedure involving the sinking of an aircraft carrier. The explosion they made to sink the aircraft carrier inspired me to create a tree-like explosion. The sudden fusion of the heart shape thing and flame was totally last minute. Well, I think it turned out quite well - plan to use it for digital artwork soon. =)