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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[28 February 2007]

This illustration came about when I was lying in my bed last night. I thought doing something playing with the positive and negative spaces of an arrow. Plus, creating a dynamic composition which leads viewers eyes from the top down. This piece turned out quite well except of the framing and the bottom area which is a bit empty. This piece would be done on a 24' x 12' canvas board I got from Art Friend soon. =)

This piece of illustration was inspired by a striped polo t-shirt I saw on the net today. To make things more interesting, I decided to add 3 arrows into the lines. This way, the lines look more dynamic and filled with life. I think this composition suits my blog banner and a t-shirt silk screen print.

This piece is quite a followed up piece after the 1st piece I did today. My robot-self holding onto an arrow pointing downwards. Paint always flow downwards, especially when spray painting on walls - That was the phrase that rang in my head while drawing this out.(The very 1st time I started out spray painting, I simply can't control the amount of strength needed to get the paint out, resulting in excess paint flowing down) The main flaw in my this piece is the hands of the character - they are too big and filled too much with black.