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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daily Illustrations
[Finished half of my sketch book in less than 20days]

This is a sketch done in response to the day I got wet in the rain.
while I was on my way to Jurong Point Shopping Centre to develop
some photos, a bus which was speeding dashed passed a puddle of
water by the road side. Water by the road side came up like a tsunami
and "engulfed" me. I even swallowed some of the water...! That made
me freaking pissed. To make things worse, I banged into the bus-stop
after examining the amount of water that was on me... Tskkk... Pissed!

This sketch was done after playing a game of DotA (Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne) I used the hero pudge: he / it carries a huge axe with very gruesome features. Everytime it uses its ultimate skill, it would say ,"Fresh Meat...! " That some how inspired me to do this particular illustration.

This was done back in January. It was supposed to illustrate my
journey through the whole of Year 1 in Singapore Polytechnic. It
shows the difficulties and problems I faced through the whole year,
including new skills and lessons I gained from the various modules
I took in DCMD (Creative Media Design). =)

I had some difficulties doing this illustration, it is kind of hard to start with a blank piece of paper. But, I managed to to this illustration after gazing out of my window for a while. What I usually see out of my window are chimneys and industrial plants, they occasionally emit pungent fumes which sometimes makes you puke. Well, I had been living here for about 5 years now and I had been rather used to all the things these chimneys release... XD

This illustration was done when I felt a bit unwell. I sprayed some
of the stickers with a gloss protection, however, after spraying, I
started to feel a slight headache. To make things worse, the
weather was hot and humid then. I don't know how I managed to
churn this illustration out in such a bad condition, but somehow
I managed... =)

This is a simple illustration which I conceptualised in my dreams.
I came up with my own style of "CAMO" in short for camouflage.
It is still in the initial stage of development, I hope to develop it
more and bring it to the walls soon.

This is a random illustration which is rather freestyle. I was trying to show the progress we designers should always make. Never be satisfied with what you have, always desire to achieve more.