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Friday, March 09, 2007

Microsoft Windows Photo Vista Competition Display
[Suntec City Concourse level 3 / 8-11 March 2007]

Try to make it to have a look at the photos displayed there, at the same time, there is an IT Fair going on there where you can go get your thumbdrives, mp3 players, harddrives etc..

Also take note that the prize presentation ceremony will be held during the IT show (Suntec City Exhibition Centre, The Concourse, Level 3) at the Microsoft Digital Memories Pavilion:

- 10 March 2007, 5:30pm - Youth Category
- 11 March 2007, 5:30pm - Amateur Category

*Go support me if possible... =)

This is the original photo I submitted for the photovista competition. It was taken somewhere near Jurong Industrial Park, the only explanation I can give for the cloud formation is that it is nearing the end of the monsoon season here in South East Asia.

Here is the online release of the results of the shortlisted photos that won the photovista competition. My good friend Eugene Ling also got shortlisted along with a few Deviants I know on DeviantArt... =)

People admiring the photos... XD

My photo is at the bottom left hand corner of this photo, Eugene Ling's photo is at the top right hand corner. =)