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Sunday, March 11, 2007

PHOTOJOURNAL: Leaps of Rocks
Location: Punngol End

*Please read before looking at the photos*

The aim of this photojournal was to potray the leaps and achievements we make in life as rocks. Varying sizes of rocks simply potrays the goals and achievements we hope to achieve in like, be it a successful relationship, winning an international award, or even winning a simple game of chess. These are all things that give us pleasure or a sense of achievment, resulting in us craving for more, achieving greater heights.

From one achievement, we move on to another. Sometimes in life, our goals that we aim for are simply not clear, thus leaving us in a dilemma. Distractions are also another problem we always have to face in life, these foreign things always makes us uncomfortable and uneasy.

To be continued...

*This photojournal is still at a preliminary stage, undergoing development.


Lester and Me at punngol end =)