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Sunday, June 10, 2007

CROWBAR 2007 Submissions
(some works I submitted)

East meets West - This typography shows how easy it is to blend in together with chinese words. Above shows a chinese composition which slowly took a form of an english composition. " I told my mother what my sis just did. This made her very furious. "It's very irresposible of you to do that. I am disappointed."

NEC - This piece was done to promote NEC projectors. NEC projectors are able to produce sharp magnified images. Even a mechanical flea can be projected by a NEC projector.

Play Tennis - Collaboration work with Lester. This piece plays mainly with typography, creating the words play tennis with tennis rackets and tennis balls. The objective of this advertisement is to generate awareness and promote tennis.

PSP - Another collaboration with Lester. This piece is an advertisement to promote Playstation Portable. We twisted the meaning of the original piece which aims to give seat to the elderly and pregnant women. Instead, those playing PSP should be given the seat.