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Monday, September 21, 2009

Would be going into the navy soon!

Why am I being tortured,
to travel from Pioneer to Changi Naval Base!!??

gonna miss the short time spent in BMT.
at least with this short song performed during OC night,
I will never forget the memorable experience
on Pulau Tekong.


Bag of Marbles
by BMT Viper COY 03/09 Platoon 2

It's the first day of BMT,
I looked around and I don't know where I should be
So many people staring back at me,
Ah beng ah kow standing next to me

Then we saw a few men in the green beret
Godamn knows who the hell are they
They looked so fierce and their voice was loud,
They stared at us and begin to shout

* So why...
why are we here when we should be back home?

There is one man, he is the CSM
He holds a stick right in his hand he says:
"Lift up your leg, bang on the one!"
"Lock your elbows, one check one!"
"Don't push your luck, keep in step!"
"Don't be lazy or I'll make you stay back!"

* Chorus

We married our wife one the fifth day,
I was so proud that I got nothin' to say
I misfired at the IMT,
Sergeant told me I will kena DB
Oh where oh where can my baby be?
Locked up in the cupboard right next to me
I chained her up and locked her in.
In case the sergeants decide to get mean.

* Chorus

Built a basha and it started to rain,
thank god our efforts didn't go in vain
Then one day I saw a babi
I killed the babi with my SOG
Because the ration tastes like Pedigree
And the next day I was still hungry
And some of us went to BIC,
Most of us went back to pee.

* Chorus (x2)

For all these memories,
We'll never trade it for the world.
For all these memories,
Because we're going home.